• Mash Coil

    Made of the latest Mesh Coil. organic cotton, absolutely safe



  • MAZE electronic cigarette is a new fashionable and healthy product, powered by a 1200mAh battery with 3.6V output.
  • Using pure organic cotton as the wick, it does not contain any asbestos fiber or metal particles and is safe to use.
  • MAZE classic e-cigarette has eight classic flavors, watermelon ice, strawberry ice, mango ice, cola ice, mint ice, grape ice, tobacco, and passion fruit.


  • Size: 109mm*25.4mm

  • Indicator color: Blue

  • Cartridge Capacity: 7.0ml

Many flavors

The KOKO classic e-cigarette features eight kinds of classic flavors, Watermelon ice, Strawberry ice, Mango ice, Pina colada ice, Mint ice, Grape ice, Tobacco, Passion fruit.

  • Product Features

    Two-color appearance, clear lines, disposable smoke

basic indicators

When smoking with the mouth to the mouthpiece, the microphone switch in the battery assembly senses the change in air pressure and transmits the signal to the control chip, which outputs electrical energy to heat the pods to produce smoke.

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